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Friday, June 04, 2010

Stew of Sin #130

Okay. I know I'm way behind on this...and I know he's deceased; so the chances of me ever consumating my love for him...well, they're pretty slim. In honor of my first James Dean film viewing (Rebel without a Cause) over the past weekend, I can not keep from falling in love with Mr. Dean; nor adding him to my celeb hot tub. Not only was he physically EXTREMELY sexy (that fabulous lower lip--perfect for biting), he was also so very kooky. As I've yet to see any other of his films; I don't know how much was part of the character and how much was actually him. I would venture to say that he's the first dead addition to my Stew; but I'd have to check to be sure. I mean, dead/alive...I've added fictional characters as well as animated ones. We don't discriminate here @ the Stew of Sin. The bottom line is that I now understand what the hoopla has been about these many years since he was introduced to the the world, and then so abruptly taken away. He was talented, funny, and based on the photo above, blessed with an appetizing treasure trail. He's beautiful in so many ways...and, as if he needed another...has gained another fan.

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