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Monday, November 10, 2014

Who is the ULTIMATE 80s Horror Hunk? Semi-Final Boner Five: Todd Allen vs. Bruce Abbott

Semi-final Boner Battle #4 is in the books.  Thom Mathews beats out his FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise co-hort Peter Barton, with a vote count of to 7 to 3 (I waited until the last minute and voted for Barton, but it did not keep Mr. Mathews from taking the prize).  Which means, Thom Mathews will show up again in the final rounds.  So long, Mr. Barton, and good luck Mr. Mathews!

For this next semi-final bout, we're bringing back another two winners from our prelim rounds.  Todd Allen of WITCHBOARD (prelim battle details) vs. Bruce Abbott of RE-ANIMATOR (prelim battle details)!

They're both pretty damn hunky (they're here, aren't they?), but only one of them can move onto the finals.  Who is it gonna be, faithful voters?

I'm gonna give Todd Allen the edge here.  While Bruce Abbott is adorable, and as I believe I mentioned in his prelim round, reminds me of someone I know (and who I will never get to have -- sigh), Todd's got the hairy chest and isn't a total skinny boy like Abbott.  He's got a little more meat (wouldn't we all like to know?)  and a little more manliness.  For these reasons, I'm casting my vote for Todd!

The voting booths have opened, so it's your turn, friends!  Make your voice heard in this battle called, "The A-Team"!

And btw, this battle puts us halfway through the semi-finals.  And while you may believe that the next round of "finals" will be the last battles, you would be mistaken.  The semi-finals will be complete, then the finals, and in the very end, there will be a "sudden death" round.  My man-parts and my movie-nerd-brain are moving into overdrive!  I simply cannot wait for this!


EMB said...

Bruce Abbott

Anonymous said...

I don't find either of these attractive - but I will vote anyway....Todd Allen.

Anonymous said...

Gotta go with Bruce Abbott. Great body and nose.

Anonymous said...

Bruce, The most masculine name there is.

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